Join our Trustee Board

Join our Trustee Board


Thank you for your interest in the role of Trustee of the Triangle Trust.

As all our Trustee appointments are time-limited, we are seeking to fill up to two vacancies on our Trustee Board.

We have a good spread of skills and experience currently in the Board but are hoping to recruit at least one person who has been involved in changing systems that affect young people. And, due to our focus on young people affected by the criminal justice system, we are keen for one of our new Trustees to add to our understanding of this sector. This might be through having worked directly with young people within the system, or within the wider criminal justice sector, or through personal experience.

In this page, and on our website, you will find background information about the Trust, our current approach to funding, the role of the Trustee and a job description, and also how to apply.

If you would like an informal chat about applying or further information, please email and we will be in touch.

Kind regards,
Karen Drury
Chair of trustees

Key facts/background

We are an independent grant making trust that operates across the United Kingdom. Set up by Sir Henry Jephcott in 1949, we originally provided hardship and education grants to individuals associated with the Glaxo pharmaceutical company. Since then, we have evolved and now give grants to community organisations supporting those in need.

In 2012 the Trustees decided we should become more focused in our grant making with the aim of making a greater impact on those receiving support. So, in 2013 we started to focus our support in two key areas – unpaid carers and the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders.

During the pandemic, like many funders we adjusted our approach to grant making so that we could quickly support the immediate needs of the unpaid carers sector. We launched an emergency small grants programme that provided organisations supporting unpaid carers with the opportunity to apply for up to £10,000 to fund both different ways of proving supporting and adapting to home working.

As we moved out of lockdowns and the impact of the pandemic on certain groups became clear we decided to launch a one-year strategy that focused on supporting the needs of young carers and young offenders. This strategy was launched at the end of March 2021 and our funding focused on employment support for young offenders and school and education support for young carers/young adult carers. We extended this strategy for a further year in 2022 to reflect the continued need that we were seeing.

Our strategy

The Triangle Trust’s grant criteria has changed over the years in response to changing social needs, but our core aims have remained constant.


People in need across the UK receive the necessary support to improve the quality of life.


To fund community and voluntary organisations that offer targeted high quality support and work to achieve change for the better.

Additional information

  • For 2023 we have launched a five-year strategy that focuses on supporting work that aims to reduce reoffending rates for young offenders and first offences for young people at high risk of entering the criminal justice system. Trustees have played a key role in supporting this development and been involved in crucial decision making at Trustee Meetings. We have included a copy of our top line Theory of Change that underpins the strategy below.
  • Our current grants can be up to £80,000 over two years and we have an annual focus for our funding opportunities. In 2023 this focus is projects that use a Sport 4 Development approach. Trustees will be involved in identifying and agreeing the focus for future years.
  • We are an endowed fund and spend the income earnt on our investments on our grant making plus capital if needed. We currently have an annual grant making budget of £1,000,000. We aim to award around £800,000 in grants each year between both funding opportunities and also make strategic grants that fall outside of our open grant making criteria. Strategic grants will be supporting work that meets our aims but has the potential to make a difference at a systemic level, usually through campaigning, policy work, convening or awareness raising. Current examples of some of our strategic grants include supporting the work of Kinship and Women in Prison.
  • Alongside our grants we also provide additional support to grantees through the Spark Programme which is a partnerships with Cranfield Trust. This includes the offer of free mentoring or consultancy support for grantees as well as participation in five Peer 2 Peer exchanges with other funded projects doing the same kind of work.
  • Triangle Trust employs two paid members of staff – a Director and a Grants Assistant.
  • Our office is based in Brighton and board meetings tend to take place either in London or other locations easily accessible for Trustees to travel to. We have 4 meetings a year, plus additional meetings if necessary via Zoom. Each meeting will require on average three hours of prep as well as two hours attending the meeting. We also allocate each grant we make a Trustee who is asked to visit the project at some point during the funding period. Travel expenses are paid for travel to meetings and project visits.

How to apply

Please send us a CV and a covering letter that includes a statement of why you wish to become a Trustee and what you would bring to the board. Please email these to before the closing date.

Job description as is included in the pack and the term of office is five years with a further five-year term able to be served.

Please see the Board skills assessment table in the job description to see where we currently have gaps in expertise on the Board. Where we have marked E we are looking to add additional expertise.

Closing date for applications is 12pm Monday 5th June and interviews will be held in central London on Thursday 22nd June. Full trustee recruitment timetable below.

PDF version of Application Overview  

Trustee Job Descriptions  

Theory of Change  

Trustee Recruitment Timetable
Wednesday 26th AprilApplication opening date
Monday 5th JuneApplication closing date
Tuesday 13th JuneShortlisted applicants contacted
Thursday 22nd JuneInterviews in central London
Monday 26th JuneSuccessful applicants advised
SeptemberMeeting with Director and Chair/Vice Chair
Thursday 19th OctoberAttend Trustee meeting as observer
Thursday 7th DecemberAppointed as Trustee at meeting
January 2024Induction with Director