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We recognise that as a funder we have more assets than just the money we distribute. We have the ability to share the work we do with other funders who may not currently support work in the areas we focus on. We also are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in the portfolios we have and find ways of bringing together organisations with shared interests, challenges or who are doing new and interesting things that others may benefit from hearing about.

Triangle Trust is going to be looking at new and different ways of doing some of this going forward and are excited about the possibilities this provides to share and learn. We also know that brilliant charities are made up of brilliant people who sometimes need some additional help to take the organisation on the next stage of their journey. This has never been more important than during the Covid-19 pandemic where the charity landscape contains many unknowns.

Our funding since 2016 focused on awarding Development Grants that helped organisations make a step change towards resilience and long term sustainability. Whilst we have moved away from this specific focus we still recognise that running an organisation comes with many challenges and we want to continue providing grantees with help in this area. Therefore we are delighted to be working with Cranfield Trust on the Triangle Trust Spark Programme. They will be providing consultancy and mentoring support to selected grantees during their funding period. This initiative will enable Triangle Trust to provide extra support to grantees who need additional help with their long-term growth and sustainability, especially as we move forward from the impact of Covid-19. It will also enable grantees to come together to learn from each other and hopefully develop some new ideas and ways of working.

Keeping in touch

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