Young Carers

The issue

Young carers can face many barriers and challenges within schools which may lead to them not reaching their full academic potential. When young carers are recognised within the school environment, work can be done to ensure that the impact their caring role has on their education is addressed and minimised.

Working within school settings is also an effective way of identifying hidden young carers and providing them with early support that can prevent their caring role having a negative impact on their education, health and well-being.

Colleges and universities have many young people juggling the dual role of being a student and a carer. However, few are likely to have shared this with their tutors or lecturers and so will be trying to navigate the pressures of higher education and caring without recognition of their unique situation.

Many young adult carers also feel conflicted about leaving home to study at a university or college away from the their family and the person they care for. This can lead to reduced education and employment opportunities.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on children and young people across the UK and those with caring responsibilities are likely to be disproportionately affected. Therefore, we are particularly looking for proposals that seek to address learning gaps linked to the pandemic.


We are no longer accepting applications for work with young carers or young adult carers. You can find out more about the fantastic organisations that we have supported over the past two years by clicking on the drop down tabs under the Young Carers heading. The grants that we made were focused on the areas highlighted below.

Provide support to young carers and young adult carers who have fallen behind with their learning due to their caring responsibilities and the impact of Covid-19.

That work in/with local primary and secondary schools to identify, support and raise awareness of young carers. Projects may provide support directly to young carers as well as helping schools to develop whole-school approaches to raising awareness of caring and supporting children and young people who have caring responsibilities.

Support young adult carers to continue in higher and further education and training

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