Information for grantees

Monitoring your progress

All grant recipients are required to report back on the delivery and expenditure of their grant. This will help us to understand more about the work that you are doing and the progress that you are making. If we have made a decision to fund you, it is because we are interested in with work that you are doing and the impact that you are making. As a funder we are keen to understand the contribution that we have made as it helps us to better understand the work that we are supporting and the wider sectors being worked in. All of this information helps to inform our future grant making and strategies.

Even though we are a small team we are always keen to receive updates on significant things that fall outside of your reporting cycle and invitations to events. Whilst we can’t promise to attend every event we are invited to, staff and Trustees are always keen to find ways of engaging with grantees that highlight the good work being done.


We ask you to report your progress back to us twice a year. We don’t want to overload you with reporting requirements so have tried to structure our reporting in a way that helps your organisation and us to learn about what is working and going well. With this in mind we have partnered with Upshot to provide a free reporting platform that grantees can also use to manage their Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning across the whole organisation. All Triangle Trust reporting will be collected and submitted via this user friendly platform.

After six months we will ask you for a short progress report. This needs to be completed on our template and is a chance to identify any key achievements but also flag any challenges that you are facing. We’ll also ask you to judge if you are on track to meet the targets and outcomes that you set yourself for the year. If not, this is the time to think about if you need to do anything differently, make any changes to your approach or adjust your targets. Once you have sent us this document, we can then have talk through and revise things where necessary.

At the end of each year we will ask you for a longer annual report that links directly to the targets you set yourself. We will send you a template to complete and ask you to send us your annual accounts and a financial breakdown of your expenditure for the grant. We will also ask you to set your targets for the next year.

Grant payments are made every six months and released on receipt of a satisfactory report. If reports are submitted late then your payment will also be delayed, as we are unable to release your next grant instalment until we have reviewed your report.

We want you to make the most of your funding and aim to be a supportive and approachable partner. Please do get in touch at any point if thing are not going as planned. We understand that things can change between the time that an application is conceived and the end of the funding and we will work with you to find a suitable resolution to any issues that arise.

Using our logo

We would like grantees to use our logo where possible. This includes publicity materials which relate directly to work that is being funded by the Triangle Trust 1949 Fund as well as other general materials you produce with funder logos on.

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