About us

We are an independent grant making trust that operates across the United Kingdom.

Set up by Sir Henry Jephcott in 1949, we originally provided hardship and education grants to individuals associated with the Glaxo pharmaceutical company. Since then we have evolved and now give grants to community organisations supporting those in need.

Since 1949 we have supported hundreds of charities and community organisations working with carers, community arts, education, disability, older people, poverty and rehabilitation.

In 2012 the Trustees decided we should become more focused in our grant making with the aim of making a greater impact on those receiving support. So in 2013 we started to focus our support in two key areas – unpaid carers and the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders.

Sir Harry Ephcott

Since 2013 we have made 71 grants to carer organisations and 36 grants to organisations supporting offenders and ex-offenders. Our aim was to help make these sectors stronger and more sustainable through awarding Development Grants.

In 2021 we launched our new strategy that focuses on supporting young carers/young adult carers and young people with criminal convictions. So far we have awarded funding to 15 organisations working with young people who have caring responsibilities. 

Our History  

MYTIME Young Carers activity

The Triangle Trust’s grant criteria have changed over the years in response to changing social needs but our core aims have remained constant.

We currently support organisations working with young carers and young people with criminal convictions. By choosing two specific groups of young people to focus our support on enables us to better target our grant giving and ensures the effective delivery of our core vision, mission and values.

People in need across the UK receive the necessary support to improve the quality of their life.

To fund community and voluntary organisations that offer targeted high quality support and work to achieve change for the better.


Supportive – we ensure our partnership with you goes beyond just giving you funding. We also look for other ways that we can add value to your grant and highlight the work that you do.

Responsive – we are responsive to changing needs and situations. We encourage good communication so that we can understand new situations as they arise.

Innovative – we support innovation and people testing out new ways of doing things.

Focussed – we know what we are trying to achieve and target our funding.

Funding Priorities

Work that aims to reduce re-offending rates for young people with criminal convictions and first offences for young people at high risk of entering the criminal justice system.

*We are especially keen to fund work that targets young women, young people who have been in the care system and young people from BAMER communities as these groups are over represented in the criminal justice system.

*Applications solely focused on any of these groups that meet our criteria will be prioritised.