Past Rehabilitation of Offenders Development Grants


Across the prison population including men, women and youth at least 1 in 2 prisoners released will re-offend within a year.  

Individuals in the criminal justice system need support and information to make the right decisions about their lives in the community: where they will live; how they will gain a legitimate income; how they will rebuild their family ties, or form new ones. They should also be helped to find support for mental health needs and substance misuse.

Our grants strategy between 2016 and 2020 focused on providing Development Grants for specialist organisations working to reduce re-offending rates in the UK. We supported organisations working with offenders, whilst in prison and after they are released, to become more resilient and sustainable in the long term.

Grants awarded

Rehabilitation grants 2020

Prison Radio Association

SWAP: Safe Welcome After Prison

Inside Out Support Wales

Circles South West

Reasons Why Foundation

Junction 42 Foundation

On the Out


Finding Rhythms

Tempus Novo

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Rehabilitation grants 2019


The Community

Chaplaincy Association

Clean Sheet

The Turnaround Project

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Rehabilitation grants 2018


Circles UK

Freedom Unlimited


Quest (NI)

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