FAQs: eligibility criteria

My organisation is running a carers project – is it eligible for funding?

If your organisation’s primary purpose is to support carers or young carers then you may apply. Organisations working with young carers who have a wider remit beyond solely supporting unpaid carers are NOT eligible to apply. Organisations solely supporting unpaid carers need to already have an existing young carers project to be able to make an application. (The only exception to this is where an organisation works with a wider group of beneficiaries than just young carers but holds the local statutory contract to provide support to young carers).

Our primary focus is not carers or young carers but we could ringfence the grant so that it is only used for this purpose. Can we still apply?

We have decided to only support young carer organisations or carer organisations with existing young carer projects. We believe that these organisations have the right expertise and knowledge to understand the needs of young carers and are best placed to provide support. (The only exception to this is where an organisation works with a wider group of beneficiaries than just young carers but holds the local statutory contract to provide support to young carers).

We have already had a Triangle Trust Grant. Are we eligible to apply for further funding?

If your grant has already finished then you are able to make an application for further funding. If you currently have a Development Grant then you can still make an application but priority will be given to organisations who are not currently in receipt of a grant. Recipients of our Emergency Carers funding can apply even if you are still within the grant period.

My organisation works with young offenders. Can we apply?

We will fund organisations working with young people who deliver existing projects that work specifically with young offenders. You will have to show us that you already work with this particular group of young people, that you have the expertise to do so and that your project is not working more generally with vulnerable young people. If you are not already working around employment outcomes with young offenders then we will need to clearly see that you want to develop this aspect of your work. We cannot accept applications where only some of the young people who will benefit from the project you want us to fund are young offenders..

My organisation works specifically with offenders and we want to develop a project for young offenders. Can we apply?

So long as your project is going to be working towards employment outcomes for young offenders then we will consider your application. However, you will need to demonstrate in your application that you understand the distinct needs of young offenders and have the expertise to be able to do this successfully.

My organisation provides support to substance misusers, many of whom are ex-offenders. Are we eligible to apply for funding?

No. You may only apply for funding if the sole beneficiary group you will be working with are young offenders. If your work has a wider remit than this, even though it is engaging young offenders, you are NOT eligible to apply.

Our previous application was unsuccessful, can we apply again?

If you applied for a grant in 2021 you will have to wait for two years before you are able to make another application to us.

We don’t directly support young carers or young offenders by offering services but we carry out research. Are we still eligible to apply for a grant?

Unfortunately we are only able to fund organisations offering direct support to young carers and young offenders. If you are undertaking research into either of our areas of interest though that could have national relevance we are always interested in hearing more about these pieces of work. We do sometimes look for opportunities to make strategic grants that impact the issues we support more widely than a project grant would.

We are a new organisation without our first years accounts. Are we eligible to apply and what financial information should we submit with our application?

Yes. You should submit your most recent set of management accounts along with your forecast income and expenditure. Additionally please provide us with an explanation of your situation so that we know why the full set of accounts has not been submitted.

Do you fund Community Interest Companies (CICs) and Social Enterprise Organisations?

Yes. CICs and social enterprises must have a governing document which shows the name, aim/purpose, objects of the group, including a dissolution clause – what happens if your group ceases to function. This clause should show that you are a not for profit group by confirming that any assets remaining after all debts are paid will be given to another voluntary group with similar aims. This document should also contain details of your Trustees, Directors or management committee.

My organisation is based in Northern Ireland. Can we apply for funding?

Yes. All organisations based and operating within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are eligible to apply for a grant.

Use of funding

Our focus is on restorative justice. Are we eligible to apply?

No. Unfortunately we do not provide funding for restorative justice initiatives.

We are a new organisation supporting one of your target groups. At the moment our income is not enough to cover our costs. Can we use your grant to cover our running costs?

Our funding is designed to support projects directly working with young carers or young offenders. We are not able to support the core costs of an organisation working with either of these groups. We will however consider reasonable contributions to the running of your organisation as part of the overall budget you develop for your project.

We provide information and support to adults and children with disabilities as well as their families and carers. Can we apply for a grant?

We only fund organisations who support unpaid carers and young carers. Organisations providing support to the ‘cared for’ as well as their carers (such as patient support groups) are not eligible to apply for a grant.

We want to make an application to support our work that focuses on diverting vulnerable young people away from becoming involved in the criminal justice system. Can we apply for funding?

Unfortunately we do not fund crime prevention initiatives currently.

Can we use your funding to replace statutory funding?

You can only use our funding to develop a new project that enhances the work that you are already doing and supports education outcomes for young carers/young adult carers. Funding can not be used to support work that is considered to be a statutory responsibility.