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      The State of the sector 2021, published 13 April 2022, outlines how voluntary organisations have faced new and incredibly difficult challenges over the last year. These have been on top of, not instead of, the wider challenges that have long faced the sector.
      To truly understand the impacts of this year, we must recognise that a global pandemic was the last thing the sector needed after years of austerity, public service reform and punitive criminal justice policy. Covid-19 has only accelerated and intensified these pressures – making the voluntary sector’s ongoing resilience and creativity even more extraordinary.
      Many of the findings of this report – increasing complexity and urgency of need amongst service users, limited access to prisons, and fear for future grant funding streams – mirror the findings of our Covid-19 impact report from December 2020. However, this current report provides a broader lens and a unique perspective to allow us to build on those findings and think more practically about the impact of the year on the sector moving forward.

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