Eligibility check – high-risk young people grants

Questions for organisations looking to apply for grants to work with high-risk young women and girls on the edge of the criminal justice systems.

Please ensure you meet all of the criteria before deciding to apply.

Question 1

Does your organisation have previous experience of working with vulnerable young women or girls either on the edge of the criminal justice system or who already have criminal convictions?

Question 2

Is the project you are applying for funding going to be working exclusively with young women and girls?

Question 3

Does your organisation solely work with women and girls?

Question 4

Do you have a proven track record of running projects working with young women and girls and can you demonstrate that your work is both gender and trauma informed?

Question 5

Does your proposed project have targets that are specifically linked to either reducing the numbers of young women or girls who reoffend or reducing the number of young women and girls who receive a first conviction?

Question 6

Are you a registered charity or an organisation set up with a clear social purpose and appropriate governing documents stating this?

Question 7

Have you read all of the criteria? Do you fully meet them and can you demonstrate significant expertise working with vulnerable and challenging young women and girls? Applications that do not clearly show this will be rejected so please make sure that your proposed project meets our criteria.