What we fund

Development Grants

Our Development Grant scheme enables organisations supporting carers or the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders to undertake a progressive development to improve future resilience. This might be a short piece of work requiring investment over a few months or a more significant programme of work requiring dedicated support for up to 3 years.

  • Grants are available from £10,000 up to £80,000 for a duration of 6 months to 3 years.  The amount of funding requested must be proportional to the development that will be undertaken.

  • A maximum of £30,000 per year or £2,500 per month for smaller developments can be requested. 

At the Triangle Trust we have been awarding Development Grants since 2013. During that time we have learnt that improving resilience is a journey with several phases, all of which need ongoing maintenance as an organisation develops and its operating environment changes. 

Sectors we support

  • Community and voluntary organisations working solely with carers within the UK

  • Community and voluntary organisations working solely with the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders within the UK

Geographical reach

We support not-for profit organisations working anywhere within the UK, with a registered UK office.  We particularly welcome applications from organisations working in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Our grant data

We work with 360giving to make data about our grants freely accessible. 360giving supports organisations to publish their data so that charities and funders can use the data to support their decision making and learnings.

The data below shows our grants made since 2013 when our development grants were introduced. They are published to 360giving data standards.

Grants awarded since 2013

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to The Triangle Trust Fund 1949.

Our resilience journey

Before you decide to apply for a grant please take a look at the components of the journey towards improved resilience for the organisations that we fund.