Case Studies

The following case studies have been selected to demonstrate how previous grant applicants have successfully used grant funding to increase their resilience. Each case study focuses on one of the key components in the resilience journey.

Leadership and Strategy

Freedom Bakery had a clear vision and drive towards strategic leadership, allowing time to put practical and realistic plans in place, learn new ways of working and respond creatively to the internal and external environments. 

Capacity and Infrastructure

Carers of Barking & Dagenham improved their resilience by updating their infrastructure and creating operational systems and procedures that were up to date and fit for purpose

Market Positioning

Prison Arts Foundation expanded their market position and created strong and relevant partnerships to build resilience enabling it to compete in with private/public services.

Evidencing Quality and Impact

Spark Inside were able to demonstrate outcomes to create a resilient organisation and establish credibility with stakeholders and attract the required resources to run the organisation

Diversity of Income

Credu moved towards financial resilience by diversifying their funding and income to mitigate against dependence on any one or two funding streams. Financial sustainability is crucial to the ongoing survival of an organisation and is unlikely to occur without the successful attainment of the previous four components