Evidencing Quality and Impact

Spark Inside:

Demonstrating quality outcomes to ensure credibility and help attract the resources required to create a resilient organisation

The organisation

Spark Inside is the only specialised life coaching organisation for young offenders, established in 2012. Spark Inside delivers an innovative, evidence-based youth rehabilitation model which has attracted early stage contracts from Young Offender Institutions Feltham and Cookham Wood. Through coaching the organisation aims to empower young offenders aged 15-25 to create more fulfilling and positive futures. The Board Chair and Co-founder both have a strong track record of setting up successful social enterprises.

Why was the grant needed?

1. Providing critical bridge funding to allow Spark Inside to complete and extend its pilot scheme

Spark Inside is an innovative rehabilitation model and therefore needed to prove its credibility by providing significant and quantitative data on its successes with youth offenders. This would be shown by a reduction in the two year re-offending rate. The grant would provide funding to allow the organisation to continue to test and evaluate its results to enable them to apply for central funding and become more financially sustainable.

2. Supporting the organisation in scaling up its model and progressing towards its three year vision

Spark Inside were following a three year plan which would allow it to scale up its model and gain a number of larger contracts with significant organisations. The grant would support Spark Inside in reaching more people via increased an awareness of its results.

Key achievements following the grant

The grant enabled Spark Inside to commission an independent evaluation of the results of its life coaching programme and to assess the impact of participation in this programme. The grant also helped to increase the engagement of coaching participants in education, employment and training. Spark Inside has moved further towards its goal of becoming a self-sufficient social enterprise. Key benefits of the grant include:

  • A reduction in re-offending rates for life coaching participants
  • Anecdotal evidence from participants that they feel a positivity and excitement about their future and its possibilities
  • Qualitative evidence from individual interviews with participants points to a trend towards increased engagement in education, employment or training post release
  • The original targets for revenue-based contracts have been exceeded each year

Additional benefits from the grant

The grant has provided a number of additional benefits to Spark Inside and there has been a high level of positive feedback from both coaches and participants about the results of the coaching. In addition to this Spark Inside has been able to raise its profile and gain increased credibility through nominations for a number of prestigious awards including the Charity Times Award and the McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award. It has also been selected to participate in the International Centre for Social Franchising’s two-year accelerator programme, which will enable Spark Inside to develop innovative plans to scale up its impact.