Our strategy

The Triangle Trust's grant criteria have changed over the years in response to changing social needs but our core aims have remained constant.

We currently support specialist organisations working with Carers or the Rehabilitation of Offenders and Ex-offenders. Working within these defined sectors enables us to better target our grant giving ensuring the effective delivery of our core vision, mission and values.


People in need across the UK receive the support necessary to improve their quality of life


To fund community and voluntary organisations that offer targeted high quality support and work to achieve change for the better


  • Supportive - we ensure our funding supports charities in the way most useful to them
  • Innovative - we support innovation
  • Focussed - we know what we are trying to achieve and target our funding
  • Knowledgeable - we know the recipients of our funding and understand the impact of their work
  • Professional - our processes are efficient and a professional service is provided to all applicants  

Funding Priorities

  • Not-for-profit organisations supporting Carers.
  • Not-for-profit organisations supporting the Rehabilitation of Offenders or Ex-offenders.

Grant Scheme

Our Development Grant scheme provides core funding to support organisations to implement a step change in their development and therefore build increased sustainability for the future. View details of the grant criteria