Rehabilitation grants 2020

Prison Radio Association

Award date: March 2020

Amount awarded: £ 77,156 over 3 years

Prison Radio Association uses radio to support the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders in England and Wales through National Prison Radio (NPR).  NPR is the first radio station for prisoners and Straightline Radio is the world’s first radio and online digital media channel for prison leavers.  Straightline aims to improve prison leavers’ lives and reduce levels of reoffending.


A grant will enable PRA to employ a specialist research and evaluation consultant to assess their current broadcasting strategy. This will assist PRA in improving their understanding of audience needs and the impact the service has on prisoners in the short and long-term.  It will build awareness and interest in Straightline Radio amongst the prison population so that they can tune in after their release and recognise it as a source of information and support. The outcome of the evaluation will enable better communication of impact and increased income generation through advertising and grant funding.


SWAP: Safe Welcome After Prison

Award date: March 2020

Amount awarded: £ 58,855 over 3 years

Safe Welcome After Prison supports offenders upon release from prison, many of whom have multiple complex needs. They offer a change of lifestyle programme which ultimately contributes to the success of them not reoffending and returning to custody. It’s a user led service offering loans and gifts of vital necessities as well as supporting health and housing needs until benefits are paid.  This can prevent a return to acquisitive crime during those crucial early weeks after release.

The grant will fund a Volunteer Coordinator post for 2 years to train service users to become volunteers who are at the core of service delivery. After three years the organisation would have absorbed the role of the Volunteer Coordinator and a robust approach to volunteering into its culture and the role will no longer be necessary in a paid capacity.


Inside Out Support Wales

Award date: March 2020

Amount awarded: £ 3,400 over 3 years

Inside Out Support Wales (IOSW) offers a range of activities which help people with previous convictions become more employment focused and job ready. This includes accessing further and higher education opportunities as well as options such as support around becoming self-employed,

IOSW is a relatively newly formed organisation that currently has no online presence. A website is needed to improve its business resilience, credibility and to raise awareness of the organisation as well as becoming a route for self-referrals.  A grant will enable this work to take place. The website will also be a valuable resource to assist users to prepare for employment, self-employment and further education, and showcase its quality, outcomes and impact to attract further funding.

Website not yet available


Circles South West

Award date: March 2020

Amount awarded: £ 77,805 over 3 years

Circles South West was established in 2010 providing specialist support and accountability in the community to people who have sexually offended. This unique model uses highly trained volunteers who meet as a group with the offender to provide vital weekly support to help them take responsibility for their actions and prevent reoffending.  

The grant will fund a part-time Training Coordinator to lead the development and delivery of paid for training and consultancy to enhance the skills, knowledge and understanding of other professionals, organisations and local communities around working with those who sexually offend.  This will enable these stakeholders to effectively engage with people with this offending history, or who have harmful sexual behaviour, and contribute to the prevention of sexual abuse.  The ongoing training fees generated through this will provide a crucial new sustainable income stream for Circles South West which will support their long-term development.


Reasons Why Foundation

Award date: March 2020

Amount awarded: £ 64,800 over 3 years

The Reasons Why Foundation provides a behavioural change mentoring service to people with criminal convictions across the London region. Individual long term support empowers service users to achieve their potential and lead positive and productive lives and reduce reoffending.

The grant will fund an Operations Manager who will work closely with the CEO, freeing them up to develop and implement a social franchising model based on their programme.  This model will increase the scale and impact of the work of RWF, whilst maintaining the small local feel of the organisation that they believe makes their approach authentic.  Ten franchises are expected to receive support from RWF working with a minimum of 100 participants each after 3 years. The franchise fees will fund the new post at the end of the grant period and provide additional income for RWF.