Journey to Resilience

Work we will fund

We are open minded on the type of initiatives applicants may wish to develop in order to strengthen their organisation.  However, we do expect your organisation to have made a commitment to strategically improving resilience before submitting an application, so that our funding can help bring existing plans to life.

To ensure we are all clear about how our grant is going to progress your organisation’s journey towards improved resilience we ask you to think carefully about which component(s) of the resilience journey below you are seeking funding for and how this will impact on the future of your organisation. When assessing your application we will be looking for evidence that you are tackling the components of resilience in the most appropriate order for your organisation.  

Five components of resilience

At the Triangle Trust we have been awarding Development Grants since 2013. During that time we have learnt that improving resilience is a journey with several phases, all of which need ongoing maintenance as an organisation develops and its operating environment changes. Evidence has shown us the journey towards improved resilience for the organisations we fund usually has the following components:

1. Leadership & Strategy 


Strong governance and a clear vision with strategic leadership which makes time to reflect on an organisation’s work, put practical and realistic plans in place, learn new ways of working and respond creatively to the internal and external environments.

2. Capacity & Infrastructure

Functional and appropriately skilled teams with operational systems and procedures that are up to date and fit for purpose.

3. Market Positioning

Clear evidence based market positioning in a crowded sector which now competes with private/public services, plus strong and relevant partnerships in place.

4. Evidencing Quality & Impact

The ability to demonstrate quality and outcomes/impact, which is essential to establishing credibility with stakeholders and to secure sufficient resources to run the organisation.

5. Diversity of Income

Diverse income sources to mitigate against dependence on any one or two funding streams. Financial sustainability is crucial to the ongoing survival of an organisation and is unlikely to occur without the successful attainment of the previous four components.

Strength Checker 

To support the process of identifying how your organisation needs to change to improve its resilience we strongly advise you use the VCSE Strength Checker and build its recommendations into your application.