YCDT shares a young carer's story

The Young Carers Development Trust began in 2012 after one of its trustees discovered that only one young carer in the whole of West Wiltshire had been to university. 

The Trust was established in order to improve the life chances of young carers by encouraging them to strive for ambitious goals, to advance in life and to become active, inspiring role models for other young carers from backgrounds similar to their own. 

The Triangle Trust grant was used to fund an initial pilot so that the organisation could build a solid base from which to grow.  Now at the end of its 3-year grant the YCDT has recently held its first Inspire event where one of the Trust’s first beneficiaries, Amy, shared her story:

When the local carer’s centre first introduced the Trust to Amy, she was playing a significant caring role for her Mum, doing most of the housework, cooking and administering medicines and providing personal care needs.  She often found herself trying to complete her homework perched on the end of her Mum’s hospital bed.  As a result, was beginning to fall behind in class as well as experiencing panic attacks and a sense of social isolation.

Whilst the carer’s centre worked to ensure support was in place for Amy’ mum, the Young Carers Development Trust stepped in and provided Amy with a one-to-one mentor. The mentor kept in contact with Amy and was able to listen to and encourage her in her school work and to keep focussing on her goals.  The Trust also provided extra-curricular tuition in all of Amy’s A Level subjects and supported her as she began to investigate her future University choices.  She took her A’ Levels and got the required grades to head off to University to study Psychology.  Amy was thrilled!  Now in her third year, she recently returned to meet some of the current beneficiaries of the Trust, to encourage them to keep persevering and to start to believe that they too can thrive and achieve whatever ambitious plans they have for their lives.

Find out more at http://ycdt.org.uk