Carer grants 2017

Carers UK

Award Date:  October 2017

Amount Awarded:  £80,000 over three years

This is a strategic funding award recognising the important role Carers UK has in supporting carers across the UK through providing information and advice and lobbying to bring about lasting change.  
The Northern Ireland (NI) branch of Carers UK is one of a limited number of organisations in NI directly supporting carers.  Calls to its helpline are increasing constantly and staff are struggling to meet demand.  
The Development Grant will contribute to the core costs of the helpline, releasing the manager from continual fundraising thereby allowing her to forward plan and work strategically with the NI Board for Health and Social Care, to develop a new NI Carers Strategy that will hopefully increase statutory funding for carer support in the future.

Crossroads Care East Lancashire

Award Date:  October 2017

Amount Awarded:  £67,599 over three years

Crossroads Care East Lancashire (CCEL) provides respite care via service contracts.  In an effort to expand the support offered and increase contract income it plans to train support workers to become specialist dementia carers.  This specialised respite service is in demand by statutory commissioners to improve the mental well-being of dementia carers and help their loved ones stay living at home for longer. In addition CCEL will secure unrestricted income by selling the dementia care training to other carer organisations.

Carers Link Lancashire

Award Date:  October 2017

Amount Awarded:  £80,000 over three years

Carers Link Lancashire (CLL) is committed to making itself sustainable regardless of any future changes in statutory income.  Our funding is supporting CLL to establish a chain of charity shops/information hubs across the local communities of East Lancashire. As well as providing a public face for the charity, the shops will enable unrestricted revenue generation, and provide an information and support point for carers and hidden carers in each locality.

Carers Outreach Service

Award Date:  October 2017

Amount Awarded:  £75,000 over three years

The Carers Outreach Service supports a large rural community covering Anglesey, Conwy & Gwynedd where carers’ services are much diminished. Increasingly carers are struggling to pay for much needed suitable family holidays. Carers Outreach Service plans to step in and offer affordable holidays to carers and those they care for by using our grant to purchase two static caravans and develop a booking management system to run them.  The caravans will be financially self-sufficient by the end of the grant and provide unrestricted income thereafter.

Lagan’s Foundation

Award Date:  October 2017

Amount Awarded  £80,000 over three years

Lagan's Care supports carers who currently have a child/children with complex health needs and require 24/7 medical care.  These parent carers are extremely vulnerable as they currently slip through the net for qualifying for statutory carer support and are also rarely on the radar of traditional carer organisations. Lagan’s Foundation is registered with the Care Quality Commission (essential to provide any type of medical intervention) and has developed a dedicated training course with Level 2 accreditation for its volunteers who provide a weekly respite break as well as giving practical advice and support to parents.  The charity is seeing an increase in demand for its services and will use our grant to develop a paid-for respite service in addition to the volunteer service. This will improve the long-term sustainability of Lagan’s Foundation and allow it to provide more crucial support to an increasing number of parent carers.