Application process

The application process has two stages.....

Applicants complete our online application form. These are reviewed by the Trustees who are specifically looking for the following:
  • Does the application meet the criteria, i.e. is the organisation’s primary purpose to support unpaid carers or the rehabilitation of offenders?
  • Will the grant make a difference?
  • Has a development rather than a project grant been applied for?
  • How will the work progress the journey to resilience?
Trustees consider which proposals most closely meet the criteria of the Development Grant and which and shortlist applications accordingly. 

Stage Two

All shortlisted applicants (usually about 6 - 8 organisations) go on to the second stage of the application process which involves a visit from the Triangle Trust.  One week before the visit shortlisted applicants will need to provide the following:
  1. The full current organisational strategic plan and a summary (maximum 5 pages). 
  2. A statement of how the proposed grant will allow the organisation to progress on the journey towards resilience (maximum 2 pages). 
  3. Expected income and expenditure projection for the whole organisation for the duration of the grant period, clearly showing the grant income and expenditure on specific work streams.
  4. An organisational structure diagram, including any new posts to be funded by the grant.
  5. A completed Expected Key Achievements Form.
  6. The latest annual report and accounts if a more recent version is available compared to that submitted with the original application.
  7. The organisation's safeguarding policy.
The Triangle Trust visit usually takes place in the applicants work place and last about 100 minutes. 
When deciding which grants to award, Trustees consider which proposals have the most robust plans in place and skills to deliver them, and are therefore most likely to achieve their expected outcomes. 


All organisations are informed of the outcomes of their application at each stage and written feedback for unsuccessful applications is available on request.

Grants for all successful applications are awarded approximately 5 months after the initial closing date. Successful applicants will be required to provide progress reports.

Only complete applications submitted using the online form by noon on the published closing date will be accepted.  Please ensure you meet all the criteria above, understand our application process and have completed our application checklist before applying.